Welcome to
Meat & Potato Eatery!

Are you looking for homecooked food without the hassle and mess? Do you want that food to melt in your mouth, too? Then you have come to the right place!

Here at Meat & Potato Eatery, we make all our amazing menu options from scratch. We have a menu full of foods that you and your family can pick from, plus we have packages that give you a full meal for the whole family at once. To top that all off, we have four ways of getting your food to you. What do you have to lose by giving our delicious cuisine a try?

Options for Everyone in the Family

One of the best things about Meat & Potato Eatery is that the entire family can eat here. Do you have kids who are picky eaters? We have hot dogs, chicken, mac and cheese bites, and even burgers with fries. Want some comfort food? Then pick up some soup and pot roast with mashed potatoes. Want something a little out of the ordinary? Then turn to our Italian or Greek offerings and add some literal spice to your life!

We take pride in the fact that we make everything from scratch at our restaurants. Our menu has appetizers, meat and potato options, vegetarian options, and even sweets! No matter what you are in the mood for, we have something to offer.

Our Customers Are Our Focus

When our customers come back because they fell in love with the homemade flavors of our food, that is what makes everything we do worth it. Since there are four different ways of getting their food, we often have customers who eat our food several times per week. They can come in and dine with us and play some games while enjoying their dinner or a shake, they can go through the drive-thru, they can get food delivered, or they can call ahead and have food ready for pickup at a time that works for them.

Each person that comes to Meat & Potatoes Eatery is an opportunity for us to make a new friend. Come in and see what makes Meat & Potatoes Eatery unique for yourself. We’d love to welcome you into the circle of friends, too!